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Updates Bringing FILE 9 VR Game to Full AAA Level

Orlando, Florida—August 29, 2017 – Today Cypress Inheritance announced a major update coming to its VR title FILE 9, bringing it to a full story-based VR game at a AAA level. Currently available on HTC Viveport and Steam, this major update includes completing and updating existing areas along with the additional new sub-training areas. This will bring the total to five unique areas within the terminal training area and providing hours of challenge for gamers of all ages.

New features will include:

  • The final two simulations, which will be story-based and set in two unique, beautifully crafted environments
  • Terminal area overhaul to include asset upgrades, expanded play area (clues to the whereabouts of secret areas are hidden throughout the simulations), and a day/night cycle. New and unique game play offensive and defensive tools for each simulation
  • Complete UI/UX overhaul
  • Complete asset overhaul
  • Complete sound overhaul
  • Steam Cloud saves
  • Steam trading cards
  • Steam leaderboards for select simulations
  • New Steam achievements for upcoming and existing simulations
  • Oculus headset and controller support in room scale

Cypress Inheritance will also localize FILE 9 in multiple languages to give the user a much better experience.

The company is launching this robust update to make sure this game from Cypress Inheritance is what it was intended to be—an enjoyable AAA VR entertainment. The company plans to aggressively monitor this title throughout 2018, making adjustments as needed.

The company is offering free CST2 DLC for all purchases of FILE 9 from now until the update is launched in December 2017.

The DLC will include the following:


  • Terminal area 2 with two new story-based simulations
  • New unique environment for both the simulations and terminal area
  • New tools built specifically for this new expansion
  • New achievements