About Infiltrate and Retrieve

Within this simulation there are two options available. Option one is exterior, with forest and mountains. Option two is interior, based on one of Alfred’s European mansions, and its hidden underground area. You will need to be as stealthy as possible within each of these. Within the exterior option the enemy has been able to take over one of the subtraining areas and is trying to break into the systems to learn more about your defenses and resources, as well as any other valuable information Alfred has stored. You will have roughly one mile to traverse through a dense forest while trying to outsmart and dodge the enemy that is patrolling. You will have the ability to reprogram some of the defenses in the forest and use them to your advantage if you can engage and reset without being detected first. Once you have made it to the subtraining area STA-3, you will still have to infiltrate without being detected, destroy the enemy’s data retriever, and then reset the Cypress system defenses for this station. This is a very difficult task, but it can be done with patience and by planning each move carefully. Within the interior option your mission is to again be as stealthy as possible, avoiding the enemies, locating and retrieving the Cypress assets while not being stunned, which will end your simulation. You will have a few defensive assets to assist but you will need to use some strategy and be very careful to achieve your objectives.